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6 years coming...and thanks for all the fish. [Mar. 29th, 2010|03:24 pm]

I thought this page was appropriate..."the end is near" indeed!

As you may have noticed, my activity on this journal has been scarce. My absence has been unintentional -- I couldn't even believe my last entry was 7 months ago! I've been very busy, many things have happened this year, and quite honestly, I'm not sure what purpose this journal serves for me now. I've had this livejournal since early 2004, I quite literally have grown up with it, and grown up with people I've met through it...but it's time to cut it loose. It's fallen behind and I'm graduating college soon -- a new space to hash out my thoughts with be a welcome refreshment.

Don't fret friends! I will still be around to read and comment, just no more updates. I've had such wonderful support from all of you over the years and really, I probably wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for this place. I'd still be making Sailormoon shrine websites. So...thank you! All of ya.

You may now find me here:

So please update your bookmarks, google readers, and what have you. I hope to see y'all around!
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this post is not very well thought out. and huge. [Aug. 20th, 2009|12:04 pm]

AZ, CA, OR, WA, ID, MO, WY, SD, MN, WI, IL - highlights from the trip (and image heavy, yikes!)Collapse )

Long Beach, CA: Serena in her adorable apartment, where her downstairs neighbors somehow let their children run all over the ceiling. Caty and Gabe leave Arizona the same time as we do, but make a hour and a half detour to get a vegan burrito. We become entranced by picture puzzles from the fifties for hours somewhere around 3am. There was a miner-themed kareoke bar involved.

San Francisco, CA: We get into town late, the girl we were staying with flaked, leaving us to find an open hostel at 10PM on a Saturday night. The only one open is in the Tenderloin, which smells like blood and port-o-potty - which is fine. The last girl to fill our room has tuberculosis, anthrax, crupe, or whooping cough, hacks up mucus all night, slamming around and muttering to herself. I did not sleep that night and somehow avoided infectious disease.
The next day we are exhausted, we finally escape the hostel - the weather was cold and rainy - went to Haight Ashbury and I felt like crap and hated everything. We located some totally great vegan hot dogs left for the Redwood Forest because somehow, I manage to never be in fun circumstances in SF.

Redwood Forest, CA: Driving at night through the Avenue of the Giants is like being in a video game, we don't know where to stop, and end up sleeping in our car (a VW Beetle, mind you) in the parking lot of a Best Western. Ali is convinced we need to hide ourselves, which resulted in us being mushed in the backseat under the sunshade. Drove to the Redwoods the next morning, and hike a little bit off the trail and find a clearing where a giant tree has been split. We picnic and paint. I get overwhelmed by everything I leave my heart somewhere in the forest.

Monmouth, OR: Kristen promised us dinner and a bed to sleep in, and after 2 days of terrible sleep, we get lost on a backroad highway on the way to salvation. I almost hit a guy in a truck, but he ended up giving us directions -- we arrive at Kristen's place at 11pm, dirty and delirious, to a huge dinner of salmon, asparagus, risotto, wine, and hospitality. Monmouth is full of college students, and living-assisted handicapped people, who you really don't notice until you are told. It explains the singing guy riding the tricycle. We go through the studios at West Oregon University, and tour Kristen's winery, leave for Portland for dinner at Farm, and stay an extra night.

Portland, OR: Ugh, loved it.

Long Beach, WA: The longest beach in the US, which is mostly a destination for retirees ( kind of place!) and people with RVs. We somehow find the driftwood beach, I get overwhelmed and leave my heart somewhere on the fallen, sunbleached logs. The Free Museum is a wonderful tourist trap that has "Jake the Alligator Man", terrible taxidermy of two-headed animals, and other oddities. I wanted fish and chips so badly I end up spending $13.95.

Seattle, WA:

Ritzville, WA: Stayed with Ali's grandparents on their farm, and they take us to the only mexican restaurant, in a city of 500. They own the biggest dog I have ever seen. Ali's 4 year old adopted uncle calls me a monster.

Livingston/Yellowstone, MO: Yellowstone is impressive, and crowded, and I keep calling it a "festering sore of sulfur on the earth's crust". There are buffalo. We see steam vents, prismatic bacterial pools, waterfalls, frozen lakes and snow all in a few hours time. Driving out through (over, rather) Wyoming's Big Horn National park was winding and desolate and dark and full of deer, we didn't see another car for hours, and descended into the valley, through dense fog and chasing the tail of a blazing sunset. I compare it to "being in a nebula" or "this is just like the movie Titanic!" I am clearly delirious.

South Dakota: Is like one big abandoned movie set, with the exception or Wall Drug, which exposes me to "midwestern tourism." We cave under pressure and eat at Cracker Barrel in Sioux Falls. We slept in the car somewhere. I burst into tears because this gas station didn't have the energy drink I wanted. You'd expect to see dinosaurs or something in the Badlands, but truthfully, it reminds me of Arizona.

Minnesota: Terrible.

Wisconsin: So close to home.

There are more photos, over 300 of them, at his here flickr. Expect a lot of hammy photos, pictures of food, and Ali and I in various states of disarray.
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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2009|03:18 pm]
[to the sound of |bill callahan - eid ma clack shaw]

I made it, I'm alive. I would love to recap the trip, but honestly it was so long and eventful that recapping at this point just seems useless. There are 1200 photos, which have been edited to a modest 312, which will see the light of day somewhere down the line.

We saw some beautiful territory, I saw the friends I love and miss, ate some amazing and terrible food, and I think my spine fused together somewhere in South Dakota.

Until then, let me catch you up:

all thought are prey to some beastCollapse )

PS: I've been using twitter sort of regularily. I know, okay???
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